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CME-5A-111 Hydraulic Starter

Flange type: SAE#3

Flange to ring gear dimension: 2.00”

Number of teeth: 12

Diametral pitch: 6/8

Pinion outside diameter: 2.250”

Pressure angle: 20°

Rotation: Clockwise

Motor housing: Aluminum

Pinion housing: Ductile iron

Barrel: Steel

Piston: Steel alloy

Number of pistons: 9

Displacement: 5.88in³/REV

Speed range: 0-3000 RPM

Drive type: Inertia

Maximum working pressure: 3000 PSI

Duty cycle: Intermittent

Maximum Torque: 200 Ft-lbs.

Weight: 46.0 lbs

Overall volumetric efficiency: 92%

Recommended fluid: Red hydraulic fluid (MIL-H-5606)


  • Model: CME-5A-111
  • Manufactured by: Kocsis Technology

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