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WC-1-WS-S  Wire Tracker Digital Wire Monitor

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WC-1-WS-S Wire Tracker Digital Wire Monitor


WC-1-WS-S  Wire Tracker Digital Wire Monitor

The Wire Tracker™ Digital Wire Monitor provides an easy way to monitor and track wire in robotic or semi-automatic MIG welding applications. The device may be mounted in-line for 24/7 monitoring or used as a portable unit to check wire usage per weld or wire feed speed. It provides a simple and accurate method for monitoring and totalizing wire consumption and measurement & verification of wire feed speed. The unit can also monitor and detect potential wire delivery issues with the optional add-on Feed Motor Current Sensor.

  • Tracks and totalizes wire consumption — an easy way to determine wire usage per weld and the amount of time a wire package will last
  • Install in-line for constant monitoring or use as a portable device to check and verify wire feed speed and wire usage (rechargeable li-ion battery included)
  • Includes Wire Speed Sensor to monitor wire feed speed (WFS) and wire consumption
  • The optional Motor Current Sensor monitors the workload on the wire feeder, ¬which can detect and send alerts on wire feeding issues.
  • Monitors wire remaining and sends an alert when the wire package is low
  • Exported data may be used to track total wire feed time to help determine welding productivity
  • Documents historical data for each weld, including Timestamp, Duration (time of active wire feed), Average wire feed speed (WFS), and Wire Consumed. Data is downloadable via USB connection to a PC.
  • PLC connectivity allows automated alert functions
  • Compatible with MIG, SAW, Laser Welding, GTAW (hot or cold wire), and additive manufacturing with wire, using either ferrous or non-ferrous wires

Software Features:

  • View and export time-stamped wire usage data (per weld), including duration of wire feed, wire feed speed (in IPM or MM/SEC), wire consumed and wire remaining
  • Edit or refill the wire
  • Quickly view the wire remaining
  • Options for measurement units in Imperial (US) or Metric
  • Ability to connect to multiple Wire Trackers at once

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