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WC-1-GS-S Gas Tracker Gas Flow Monitor

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WC-1-GS-S Gas Tracker Gas Flow Monitor


WC-1-GS-S Gas Tracker Gas Flow Monitor

The Gas Tracker™ Digital Gas Flow Monitor provides an easy way to monitor and track shielding gas flow in robotic or semi-automatic MIG or TIG welding applications. The Gas Tracker™ is two monitors in one – it may be used as a portable unit or mounted in-line. It provides a simple and accurate method for monitoring & totalizing incoming gas flow, or measurement and
verification of gas flow at the nozzle.

  • Portable Application: Check and verify gas flow at the nozzle to avoid porosity and other serious weld quality issues. Each monitor includes a hose and filter assembly that fits all standard nozzle sizes and a rechargeable Li-ion battery that lasts up to 24 hours.
  • In-line Application: The monitor can function as a gas totalizer, verify proper gas flow, and record average gas flow per weld (data downloadable via USB connection).
  • Touchscreen interface with a digitally displayed flow rate of 0 to 106 SCFH (0-50 LPM) with 1 SCFH resolution in English or Metric units
  • Pre-calibrated for a variety of gas mixture options to cover most welding applications, including Argon/CO2 (90/10, 85/15, 80/20, 98/2 or 75/20), Argon/Helium (75/25), Argon/O2 (97/3), He/Ar/CO2 (90/7.5/2.5) and 100% Argon, CO2, Helium or Nitrogen
  • Accuracy: +/- 3% of full scale +/- 1 digit

Software Features

  • View and export time-stamped gas flow data (per weld), including duration of flow, gas flow rate (in CFH or LPM), gas consumed and gas remaining
  • Edit or refill gas (if applicable)
  • Quickly view the remaining gas
  • Options for measurement units in Imperial (US) or Metric
  • Ability to connect to multiple Gas Trackers at once

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