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CPR-300, CP Wrap 300 Series, Size S-XL


CPR-300, CP Wrap 300 Series, Size S-XL


CPR-300, CP Wrap 300 Series, Size S-XL

Thin, Comfortable Cut and Puncture Resistant Gloves

The CP Wrap 300 is one of our best multipurpose work glove solutions as it combines excellent protection with high dexterity. This string knit nylon glove has a PU dipped palm that provides terrific grip performance when handling wet and slippery surfaces. The PU palms also provide high abrasion levels making it a good durable option. The CP Wrap 300 features our patented CP material on the palms of the hands and fingers protecting against all sorts of sharp threats. The gloves provide protection against discarded needles, broken glass, and other sharp dangerous threats. The CP Wrap 300 can be used for many applications but is a great PPE solution for recycling, metal fabrication, mechanical assembly, and many other industrial jobs. Please consider the CP Wrap 300 if you need durable cut and puncture-resistant gloves with great dexterity for fine motor skills. Available in sizes Sm through XL.

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