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FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags - 20 bags


FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags - 20 bags


The world’s #1 selling Sandless Sandbag. FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags protects people and property (no Shovels, Sand, Labor or Mess)  •  19" x 20" sized flood bag   •  Vacuum sealed with 10 yr. shelf life  •  Indoor and outdoor use (fights flooding disasters and home/ commercial liquid damage)  •  Works in just 3 minutes! Compact and lightweight  •  Superior flood wall barrier protection and absorbent pad  •  Add freshwater and each flood bag inflates from 1 lb to 50 lbs. (absorbs up to 5.8 gallons)  •  *Salt water barrier compliant (*activate with freshwater before coming into contact with saltwater)  •  Works up to 3 months after activation  •  Ideal for anybody... even the elderly and disabled  •  Superior engineering - 9 section design for ultimate stackability  •  Made of industrial grade super absorbent polymer crystals and interwoven natural fills  •  Flood protection:  Fits well against doors, sliders windows and grates  •  Indoor water damage prevention: Ideal for leaky toilets, water heaters, internal sprinkler system breaks, aquarium leaks, broken pipes, leaking appliances, basements and more  •  Other names: Flood sacks, flood bags, flood sack, instant sandbag, sandless sandbag, sandbag alternative.

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