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SACD-20 SAC-D Bags 12in x 24in

Quick Dam

SACD-20 SAC-D Bags 12in x 24in


SAC-Ds contain a super absorbent powder that swells on contact with water. The gel creates a barrier to slow & capture ballistic & shrapnel material.

Use for forensic evidence collection, reducing noise, shrapnel damage protection & personal protection.


  • Compact, lightweight & man-portable
  • Field expedient • Combat multiplier
  • Easily carry 80 at a time
  • Activate in the field with water
  • Absorbs 4 gallons of water in 10-15 minutes
  • Swells to 32lbs each & 12in x 24in x 3.5in high
  • Remains flat for easy stacking if needed
  • Environmentally friendly & degrades over time
  • It may be used as a sandbag alternative in flood situations (See quickdams.com for more information)


  • Ballistic protection & fragment collection device
  • Tactical blast mitigation and protection
  • Mitigate against RDX, TATP & spread of IED (dirty bombs)
  • Detonator preparation-bomb threats
  • Shooting range lead collection device
  • EOD protection from unexploded ordinances/AP mines
  • Amphibious and Aviation protection and security
  • Aircraft cabin preparedness for suspect bombs
  • Aqueous decontaminants to neutralize CBRN threats
  • Industrial blasting & mining
  • Humanitarian de-mining for cluster munitions
  • Contain & preserve forensic evidence
  • Bomb & detonator containment device
  • Minefield clearance & EOD protection

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SACD-20 – 20/Pack of SAC-D Bags 12in x 24in

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