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Quick Dam Water-Gate WL

Quick Dam

Quick Dam Water-Gate WL


Stop flooding water, fast! Water-Gates roll out in the path of problem water & rise as needed with the flow of water. Water-Gate is a portable self-rising dam that protects your home or property from the dangers of flooding. Water-Gates can provide flood protection anywhere from 6in to 5ft high. Use Water-Gate to control, contain and divert problematic flood water. Quick and easy to deploy. Once finished, break down and store to be used again when needed.

  • Control, contain, & divert water before it becomes a problem
  • Portable Dam
  • Roll out in the path of problem water and rises and opens from water pressure.
  • Quick & easy to deploy with minimal labor
  • Compact and requires minimal storage
  • Made from ultra-strong PVC coated polyester fabric, which is resistant to abrasion
  • Galvanized metal plate ballast weights held in polyester netting & sewn to a water barrier
  • Reusable for many years
  • Flexible and forms to any surface
  • Protection heights from 6 in to 5 ft high
  • The Water Gate is 4 times wider than its height, giving it more retaining power.
  • Connect units together with a heavy-duty hook & loop design to achieve the desired length.
  • Requires no site preparation, little or no additional material, and no permanent installation.
  • FM Approved-View Certificate
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Tested and Approved – Watch Video
  • Patented and sold in over 26 countries.
  • Self-deploying crates available for additional charge

    SKUs & Description
    QDWGWL-0617: 6in x 17ft / 15cm x 5.2m
    QDWGWL-0630: 6in x 30ft / 15cm x 9.1m
    QDWGWL-1430: 14in x 30ft / 35.5cm x 9.1m
    QDWGWL-1450: 14in x 50ft / 35.5cm x 15.2m
    QDWGWL-2030: 20in x 30ft / 50.8cm x 9.1m
    QDWGWL-2050: 20in x 50ft / 50.8cm x 15.2m
    QDWGWL-2630: 26.5in x 30ft / 67cm x 9.1m
    QDWGWL-2650: 26.5in x 50ft / 67cm x 15.2m
    QDWGWL-3230: 32in x 30ft / 81cm x 9.1m*
    QDWGWL-3250: 32in x 50ft / 81cm x 15.2m*
    QDWGWL-3930: 39in x 30ft / 1m x 9.1m*
    QDWGWL-3950: 39in x 50ft / 1m x 15.2m*
    QDWGWL-5030: 50in x 30ft / 1.3m x 9.1m*
    QDWGWL-5050: 50in x 50ft / 1.3m x 15.2m*
    QDWGWL-6050: 60in x 50ft / 1.5m x 15.2m*

    *Contact us for special pricing & storage options

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