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Flood Gate Stanchions

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Flood Gate Stanchions


Extenders allow you to attach multiple Flood Gate units together to create the desired length of protection. Perfect for garage doorways and sliding doors.

Flood Gate Stanchions:

  • Joins multiple units together to create wider protection
  • Available in 2-way and 3-way
  • 3-way Stanchion creates right angles or U-shapes around doorways

Flood Gate:

  • Blocks entryways from flood water
  • Flood protection up to 26in high
  • Adjusts for openings from 30in -50in
  • Stops water in its path
  • Easy to use & install in just minutes
  • No alterations needed
  • It can be used inside or outside
  • It can be used for doors that open in or out
  • The entryway remains accessible while in use
  • Neoprene sleeve creates water tight seal
  • Expandable sturdy steel frame
  • For larger openings, Stanchions join units together (Stanchions sold separately)
  • Kitemark Tested & Approved

SKUs & Description
QDFGSTAN: 2-Way Stanchion Set
QDFGST3WC: 3-Way Stanchion Set

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